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The world of web techonolgy revolutionize everyday, to bring you new and exciting applications to make your life easier. We have taken an initiative to design and develop you an innovative web applications that enables you to send free SMSs with your mobile or desktop computer anywhere anytime with ease . With SMS DAILY send five SMSs everyday freely and stay intouch with friends and family.

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About parallax sms

Parallax SMS is an application disigned to enable effective communication among African communities with absolutely free smses provided for its users daily. Sign up today and start sending free SMSs everyday to get connected to your family and friends.


Executive Management

Geditt (LTD) PTY developers innovated Parallax SMS in January 2012 with an optimistic ambition to see it become successful, which resulted to joining forces with Techware (LTD) PTY in relation to the mobilisation and commercialisation of Parallax SMS by building an indefatigable team behind it.


Advertising advertising

Parallaxsms offers a unique advertising platform for small and large corporations alike. As a business owner you have a full control on how many people you want to view your adverts.Parallax SMS uses advanced marketing strategies to ensure your ads have maximum impact on its viewers.

Bulk SMSs bulk smss

Maintain communication between you and your clients or staff members with our bulk SMS plans.Send one or many SMSs at once to thousands of recipients available in your contacts list. View our bulk SMS plans below and take advantage of this system to send notifications and promotions to your clients.

SMSs ADS sms advertising

With our targeted advertising based on age and gender, a small advert is attached to the end of SMSes sent by our users. Adverts are seen by recipients who receive messages from Parallax SMS users.As communication continues between individuals, the Ads attached also change accordingly.


  • Silver Plan

  • 3% Free SMSs
  • M100.00 custom name
  • M200.00 for 1000 SMSs
  • M400.00 for 2000 SMSs
  • M600.00 for 3000 SMSs
  • M800.00 for 4000 SMSs
  • M1000.00 for 5000 SMSs
  • For your small business
  • M0.20/SMS
  • Platinum Plan

  • 10% Free SMSs
  • Free custom name
  • M3200.00 for 20000 SMSs
  • M4800.00 for 30000 SMSs
  • M6400.00 for 40000 SMSs
  • M8000.00 for 50000 SMSs
  • M9600.00 for 60000 SMSs
  • M11200.00 for 70000 SMSs
  • M12800.00 for 80000 SMSs
  • M14400.00 for 90000 SMSs
  • M16000.00 for 100000 SMSs
  • Recommended
  • M0.16/SMS
  • Gold Plan

  • 5% Free SMSs
  • M80.00 custom name
  • M1020.00 for 6000 SMSs
  • M1190.00 for 7000 SMSs
  • M1360.00 for 8000 SMSs
  • M1530.00 for 9000 SMSs
  • M1700.00 for 10000 SMSs
  • For your medium business
  • M0.17/SMS


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